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9:30 AM
Sunday Morning with SS @ 9:30
Classes: (Note: The Rear Building is called "The Beeman Building") 
Senior Class in Beeman Building
With Pastor Ray, room 2 
Coffee Conversations with the Pastors 
 In Sanctuary Coffee Room with Pastor Ralph
God's Kids
It is in room 5 in the Beeman Building with Martha and Pastor Rich 
(Right now, the Age range is from 5-15) 
Angel Class for developmentally disabled
With Ouida in Room 1 in the Beeman Building 
Worship @ 10:30am 
Music Practice starts at 6 pm. We will be accepting any new members until this listing is removed, so if you are reading this, come on down. We want to form a group to help on Sunday mornings and eventually to have a Saturday Night Service. Coming on Wednesday does not mean you have to sing on Sunday. When you are ready, we will be ready for you. Our Dare to Care Ministry is led by Pastor Ray. It is in the Coffee room off the entrance to the church. 
 Ladies Bible Study
An informal gathering of ladies of all ages. Currently working on Proverbs.
Ladies Bible Study meets in the Beeman Building Room number 4
(Rear Building North entrance)